Yogini Collaboration

We are very excited to announce our collaboration with Yogini Hen to create bespoke, alternative hen parties for brides-to-be and their friends. If  you fancy putting some zen in your hen, Yogini Hen offer relaxing day and weekend experiences including yoga, followed by a tasty (and completely vegan) lunch provided by us. You can also choose to add on other activities such as cookery workshops or mocktail masterclasses.

hen party photo

Locations include glamping sites in breathtaking areas of rural Sussex and beautiful studios and houses in Brighton and beyond, where you and your friends have the space just for yourselves. The experiences can be tailored to be as unique as you are. To find out more about options, get in touch with us.


Mango & Ginger Cheesecake

Serves 4

Here it is: our new recipe! We served this Mango & Ginger Cheesecake dessert at our pop-up supperclub at Tomfoolery in Shoreham in February 2017. The menu was inspired by South-East Asian flavours, but you can swap out the mango and ginger and replace with your favourite fruit or make the most of what is in season. Rhubarb (roasted first) works well in the spring, and berries are great for the summer. As with all our recipes it is vegan.

me in kitchen 2
Prepping the cheesecake at our pop-up supperclub

What you need:
4 short tumblers
1 tablespoon of agave syrup (or icing sugar or other syrup)
Juice of half a lemon
200g of chopped mango (one small mango should provide more than enough)A few pieces of crystallised ginger
200g raw cashew nuts, soaked overnight (or for 6+ hours)
1 400g pot of unsweetened soy yoghurt (e.g. Sojade), strained through muslin over a sieve with a bowl underneath for 6+hours to remove water – should reduce it to around 200g
150g vegan digestives (usually supermarket own brands tend to be vegan), crushed up
40g coconut oil
30g vegan margarine (e.g. Pure)
1 tablespoon of ground ginger

Mango & Ginger Cheesecake (tarted up with sugar brittle)

How to make it:
• Mix the crushed digestives with the ground ginger
• Melt the coconut oil and spread together either on the hob or in a microwave, then add to the crushed biscuit mixture.
• Pour the biscuit mixture into 4 empty tumblers, then pat down (the end of a rolling pin works well if it has a flat end) and leave to set in the fridge
• Next, blend the cashews in a Vitamix, Nurtibuller, Froothie or similar, then add the soy yoghurt. Blend til completely smooth.
• Chop the mango into smallish pieces, then mix it in a bowl with the  smooth cashew and yoghurt mix and mix well.
• Add a tablespoon or so of agave syrup (could also use other syrup or icing sugar) and the lemon juice. Taste test, then add more syrup or lemon juice if needed. when happy with it, pour out on top of the biscuit mixture.
• Next, top with the rest of the chopped mango, then refrigerate.
• Before serving, top with a couple of pieces of crystallised ginger
For a traditional jelly topping, dissolve 1 tablespoon of arrowroot powder with 100ml of mango juice in a pan on a low heat, then pour over the cheesecake before leaving to set.